The RAGE Re-opens

20 Jan

The R.A.G.E. shop in Dublin re-opened today after being forced to shut for almost a month. If you’ve been to the shop, you’ll probably already know that it’s the only place offline to buy classic games and consoles without forking out ridiculous amounts, and that’s alongside a great selection of vinyl and work by local artists. Thanks to a burst pipe though, only a short time after the original opening, the shop closed. Compounding the misery, the Sunday Times featured an article about the shop, only for it to be shut, presumably when potential new customers who saw the piece tried to visit. It looked grim, although the RAGE’s facebook page had positive updates and an impressive show of support from their customer base.

This video illustrates the extent of the damage:

After a few weeks of work though, the RAGE has lifted the shutters again, despite suffering losses in both stock and any profit that would have been made had the store been open. The fact that a small shop exists which supports independent music, is welcoming and friendly and offers something nowhere else does is frankly incredible in Dublin at the moment, and disasters like this don’t help matters, so I’d encourage anyone to head in and buy something, a game, a record, whatever, if they want to see the shop remain open. As I said previously, it’s great to see a small business like this open, but at this point it would be even better to see it do well.

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