Mad Chad Review iOS

16 Feb

Game: Mad Chad
Format: iOS

American Football player Chad OchoCinco is as well known for his fantastically over-the-top personality as his play, and Mad Chad, the first game to feature him in a starring role, aims to bring this to the iPhone. The game is an endless runner, in the style of the brilliant Canabalt. It’s a crowded market, but Mad Chad stands out surprisingly well, even for those who may not know the wide receiver.

The first thing that impresses about Mad Chad is the art style. Our hero is as bold and brash as his personality, almost leaping off the screen thanks to the excellent cartoon-esque visuals. The setting may be a little uninspired in terms of their selection, but each one has a unique style and there are fun facts to learn in each one. No, really. The enemies are as well-animated as Chad, and the bizarre storyline about a stolen pigeon actually fits the game rather well. The game looks great on the hi-res screen, with a lot of vivid colour and detail.

The vivid colours look excellent

Gameplay is tight, with excellent and intuitive controls. There is a decent level of challenge, though it’s not as hard as some of the best running games, it still manages to provide a reasonable level of difficulty throughout. With the ability to jump, slide and tap to destroy enemies, there are some nice additional elements over some of the simpler variations on the genre, though simplicity can be a good thing, and sometimes missing the ‘slide’ command is a problem here. With extra points on offer for destroying, rather than avoiding enemies, there is some replay value in attempting to top high scores. With a good number of levels, it will last a while, probably just long enough for this format.

Controls are simple and intuitive

Perfect for a quick level or two between plays, Mad Chad is loud and unabashed fun. It isn’t too complex, it’s got an in-your-face style and can be just a little odd. A bit like Chad himself, then. Well worth picking up if you enjoyed Canabalt and want a little more, Mad Chad is a good app, whether you have any idea who Chad is or not.

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