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About GameGameBlog

20 Jan


The GameGameBlog was created in january 2011 by James Keating. Previously writing for the now-defunct, James decided that with that sites closure, came an opportunity to begin working on a new site himself. GameGameBlog will discuss games in a critical manner, addressing their status as art, as well as entertainment.

This doesn’t mean there’ll be too much snobbery (maybe a little) but it does mean that the editorial style will lean toward that of film or music critics. This isn’t the site to go to find review scores, or praise for technical excellence, and the latest flashy shooter sequel won’t be held in high regard unless it does something unique or intelligent.

If you disagree with something, leave a comment, it’s all just opinion in the end.

GameGameBlog would also like to know what you like, what you want to see and what you dislike. If you have feedback let us know via comment, twitter or email. Info below.

If you feel you have something to add, an interesting article you’d like to write or want to send me pictures of your cat, let me know –

You can also follow us on twitter @gamegameblog

Currently James is the only writer contributing, follow his tweets @landsleaving